Tutorials and How To Guides

Short tutorial videos and printable how-to guides on accessing member benefits of the American Bus Association.

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My ABA Tutorial Videos

How to Access and Utilize My ABA

Membership Tip Sheets for Better Group Business

Amusement Parks/Festivals/Fairs


General Attraction



Food Service



Historic Attractions






Marketplace Registration Videos

Understanding the Different Registration Types and Roles of Delegates

Registering for Marketplace

Adding Optional Activities/Meetings/Tours To Your Registration

Adding a Delegate to Company's Marketplace Registration

Changing a Name of a Marketplace Delegate/Transferring Registration

My Marketplace Passport Videos

Accessing Your Marketplace Passport

Updating Profiles in My Marketplace Passport

Updating Company/Personal Information in My Marketplace Passport

Viewing/Editing Marketplace Badge in My Markeplace Passport

Updating Emergency Contact/Dietary Requests/Travel Information

Paying Marketplace Invoices

Marketplace Appointment Tip Sheets

Appointment Process Tip Sheet

Research Tip Sheet

Appointment Request Tip Sheet

Marketplace Appointment Videos

Research Databases

Appointment Requests and Previous Marketplace Schedules

Marketplace Miscellaneous Videos

Viewing the Marketplace Schedule

Reviewing Previous Marketplace Statictics and Information

First-Time STAR Marketplace Delegates Videos

Making the Most Out of Marketplace as a First-Time STAR Delegate

Overall Good Appointment

Bad Buyer Appointment

Bad Seller Appointment

Good Networking Example

Bad Networking Example