Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of the American Bus Association is instrumental in providing leadership and direction for the members of the ABA and for the motorcoach, tour, and travel industry.


For individuals interested in serving on the ABA Board of Directors, an ABA Board member's company or organization must be a dues paying ABA member in good standing. To become an ABA Board member, an individual must be an owner, partner, or a member of his or her company's senior management team, and must remain a full-time, career employee of his or her company throughout his/her term of service on the ABA Board. The Board of Directors, other than the President & CEO, shall serve without salary.


Persons who desire to be nominated for a seat on the Board of Directors, or who desire to nominate another member for such a seat, must submit a statement of the candidate's qualifications and other pertinent information to the Governance Committee Chairman.


The Board consists of other than the President/CEO, up to six (6) associate members, up to six (6) travel supply industry members, and up to six (6) tour operator, bus operator members or members of an association of bus operators. A minimum of six (6) seats shall be held by small (Enterprise) bus operator members with less than 25 buses. A minimum of six (6) seats on the Board are by Non-Fixed Route Operators. A minimum of six (6) seats on the Board shall be held by Fixed Route Operators. There are also Honorary and Non-Voting member seats on the Board, which may be conferred from time to time. A seat is reserved for the current Marketplace Chair.


New Directors are elected by the ABA membership during the ABA Annual Meeting, currently held during ABA's Marketplace and hold office until their successors have been elected and qualified, or until their prior resignation, or removal. Other than the President/CEO and the Marketplace Chair which are one (1) year terms, all seats on the Board of Directors are held for a term of three (3) years, and the term may be renewed following its expiration and upon the recommendation of the Governance Committee. The terms are staggered so that approximately one-third of the seats expire each year.

Board Meetings

The Board typically meets 3 times per year, at Marketplace (January/February), in late spring (April/May), and early fall (September/October). The dress is typically business casual.

Role of Directors

Board members are encouraged to attend and participate in Marketplace and the Bus Industry Safety Council, and/or allow their employees to attend those and other events and meetings.

Each Board member must be an active participant in ABA's legislative and regulatory efforts, in particular, monitoring and attending local and state legislative sessions of concern to motorcoach and transportation issues. Board members will be asked to regularly correspond with local, state and national lawmakers on transportation, travel and tourism policy issues. Canadian Board members are encouraged to participate similarly related to appropriate issues in Canada.

On occasion, a Board member may be asked to represent ABA and the motorcoach industry by attending or speaking at industry events and meetings as well as at government-sponsored meetings including hearings.

Each Board member is expected to volunteer to serve on one or more ABA committees.