Motorcoach, Tour & Travel Industry Issues

Our team is always WORKING FOR YOU on any legislative and regulatory policy matters that effect your business, at all times. Below is a “policy priority” chart, to assist with identifying what policy issues are “hot” at the moment, and where we can use YOUR HELP. We also want to ensure you have access to the timeliest information, in a “one-stop” format. By clicking on each policy issue link, you will find all you need to take action on an issue or just stay up-to-date, as the links will include access to such things as member alerts, rulemaking documents, rulemaking comments or templates, notices of ABA industry calls, etc. Let us know how we can further improve your experience at

Below is the policy priority chart:

ABA Issue Monitoring Key
  Monitoring, Long Term Action
  No Action Today, Working On It
  Take Action Now!

Federal Mask Mandate  

The Biden Administration, along with the CDC and TSA, have federally mandated that any passenger on publicly accessible transportation must wear a mask. This mandate includes motorcoaches, taxis, ride-sharing vehicles. More

Federal Vaccine Mandates-Testing Requirements  

As part of the "Path Out of the Pandemic" framework, the Biden administration will require private businesses to ensure their employees are vaccinated against COVID-19, withe the rule applying to businesses with 100 or more employees. Companies must develop and enforce a mandatory COVID vaccination policy unless they create a plan that gives workers the option to get tested regularly and requires them to wear a mask at work. There are additional requirements for federal contractors as part of the framework. More

CERTS Grants 

Find out what ABA is doing to help our industry grapple with the COVID-19. The Treasury Department has recently completed distribution of the $2 billion CERTS Grant Program. Compliance and reporting requirements are being put into place now. In addition, efforts are underway to secure additional funding. More.


Infrastructure      ★★★

In the next Congress legislators will look to sustain the Highway Trust Fund as a long-term funding mechanism through increased taxation and or new user fees.  More