Staff Directory

Executive Office

Government Affairs & Policy

  • Suzanne Te Beau Rohde

    Vice President of Government Affairs & Policy

    Suzanne Te Beau Rohde is ABA’s Vice President of Government Affairs, joining ABA in April 2015. She leads ABA’s legislative and lobbying efforts on the federal and state levels. 
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  • Brandon Buchanan

    Director of Regulatory Affairs

    Brandon Buchanan works with the Board of Directors and within the Policy and Government Affairs Departments. 
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  • Andrew Newhart

    Manager, Policy and Legislation

    Andrew Newhart joined ABA in April 2016 as the Manager of Policy and Legislation. He has a background in transportation policy from both government service and work in the private sector. 
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  • Dan Eisentrager

    ABA Consultant

    Dan joined the ABA staff in December 2016 as a consultant to provide motorcoach expertise to the ABA membership. 
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  • Melanie Hinton

    Director, Communications & Media Relations

    Melanie Hinton joined ABA in June 2016 as Director of Communications and Media Relations, overseeing all association communications, media relations and publications. 
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Meetings, Education & Member Services

  • Lynn Brewer

    Senior Vice President Meetings, Education & Member Services

    Lynn Brewer has worked at ABA since 1992. She first started working for membership and Destinations magazine, and is currently responsible for Marketplace, Member Services, Board Meetings, education programs, and professional training seminars. 
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  • Jana Fields

    Senior Director Sponsorships and Meeting Planning

    Jana Fields works on obtaining sponsors for meetings and coordinating logistics for all meetings at ABA. She has been at ABA since 1998. 
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  • Vicki Osman, CTIS

    Sr. Director, Education, Database and Member Services

    Vicki Osman has been with ABA since 2004. She serves as the staff liaison for the Marketplace Education Committee and Women in Buses Council. 
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  • Roderick Lewis, CTIS

    Director of Membership & Business Development

    Roderick Lewis, CTIS has been with ABA since 2004, and he has successfully created customized membership packages targeting bus operators, tour leaders, and the travel industry. Roderick also serves as the staff liaison for the ABA Diversity Committee. 
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  • Allison Brewer, CTIS

    Member Services Manager

    Allison Brewer joined ABA as its Member Services Coordinator in September 2010. Prior to joining ABA full-time, she served the organization in a variety of capacities. 
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  • Ashley Bowen

    Database Management & Member Services Coordinator

    Ashley Bowen joined ABA in August 2016 as the Membership Coordinator. Ashley serves as front-line support for current and prospective ABA members. 
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  • Jos-Anne Antoine

    Motorcoach Marketer Representative

    Jos-Anne Antoine joined the ABA staff in May 2017 as the Motorcoach Marketer Representative. 
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Finance & Administration

  • Eric Braendel

    Chief Financial Officer

    Eric Braendel, CPA, MST, serves as ABA's Chief Financial Officer, overseeing the association's finances, administrative functions and human resources responsibilities. 
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  • Baita Coly


    Baita Coly joined ABA as an accountant in August 2010. Prior to working at ABA, Baita worked as an administrative consultant for Counterpart International, a non-profit development organization headquartered in Arlington, Va. 
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