BusPAC is the political action committee of the American Bus Association and allows the motorcoach and group travel industry to speak with a strong voice on Capitol Hill.


BusPAC receives its funding on a voluntary basis from ABA members involved in all aspects of the motorcoach, tour and travel industry.


BusPAC funds are contributed to political campaigns of members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives who are both leaders in Congress and have shown support of the industry. BusPAC has used, and will continue to use, its resources to promote the needs of the industry to those on Capitol Hill.


BusPAC is regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). FEC regulations do not allow corporations or labor unions to contribute to PACs. Therefore, only personal contributions may be accepted. Also, the FEC regulates the amount an individual may donate to a PAC. Currently, the limit is $5,000 per year.


With the aid of BusPAC, ABA has helped drive the critical agenda of issues affecting your bottom line. These issues include:

  • Keeping fuel taxes at current rates
  • Gaining congressional support for enforcement of the Federal Transit Administration's "charter rule"
  • Securing $35 million in Transportation Security Administration funds to support the industry's efforts to improve security measures for drivers and passengers.

The Future

The next legislative session is here, and ABA has already begun working with members of Congress. The proposed legislation has the ability to severely impact each company within the industry. ABA and BusPAC are working on:

  • Protecting the fuel tax exemption
  • Following up on our successes in the next transportation reauthorization bill

BusPAC must receive permission from the authorized representative of an ABA member company before soliciting donations from the executive and administrative personnel of that company. If you are an authorized representative and would like to become active in BusPAC, please review this form:

BusPAC Solicitation Authorization Form