The American Bus Association Foundation is continually exploring new ways to show the important role motorcoach travel and tour play in our society. Our data provides the only source of information to aid industry efforts in legislatures across the country. We are fighting for your business everyday by providing the information necessary to change minds and win allies.

Economic Impact Studies

National, State and Congressional District 

The web page linked below provides users with an interactive U.S. map developed by the ABA Foundation to show the value of group travel and tourism in every state and congressional district.

In addition to the national impact study local Convention and Visitors Bureaus have created independent data about specific regions. Please view some of the regional studies for Cleveland, Pigeon Forge and the Northeast.

The Economic Impact of Student Motorcoach Tourism

The Impact of Student Motorcoach Tourism estimates the size and scope of the student motorcoach tourism industry in 2012.

Industry Size, Efficiency and Marketing Studies

Motorcoach Industry Census

Motorcoach Census is the baseline data collection the ABAF uses to understand passenger traffic, vehicle count, mileage, fuel consumption and other key metrics for the U.S. and Canadian motorcoach industry.

Note: Increased funding and an enhanced data collection and verification process enabled the ABAF to shift from periodic full collections and percentage updates to a full Census on an annual basis. The shift in collection and methodology is explained in the 2010 full report.

Comparisons of Energy Use and Emissions

This study creates a comprehensive comparison between the motorcoach industry and 11 other passenger transportation modes.

Motorcoach and Passenger Rail Comparison

This analysis compares customer costs (fare, travel time) and societal costs (government subsidies, air emissions) associated with twenty specific trips that can currently be taken between select U.S. city pairs on both an Amtrak train and on a scheduled intercity motorcoach bus.

Keeping Rural Communities Connected: Comparison of EAS Program To Coach Bus Service 

This study compares the costs and environmental effects of supporting rural mobility using scheduled intercity motorcoach service to current air links funded under the Essential Air Service (EAS) program.   

Federal Subsidies for Passenger Transportation, 1960-2009 

Federal Subsidies for Passenger Transportation compares the cost to tax payers to support transit, commercial aviation, passenger automobiles and private commercial buses. 

Quarterly Motorcoach Sales Data

The ABA Foundation quarterly motorcoach sales data collection tracks vehicle sales from the three largest motorcoach builders and distributors.

Baby Boomers and Future Seniors: How To Get Them On Motorcoaches?

This study focuses on how operators can successfully market motorcoach travel and tourism to baby boomers.

Additional Reserach

The reserach linked below has been conducted by different institutions and helps add to our understanding of the motorcoach travel and tourism industry.

Terms of Use for ABA Foundation Research

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