We Need YOU to Take Action: Contact Your Senator Today!

The U.S. Senate plans to take up S. 4008 – The Small Business COVID Relief Act of 2022 – which provides additional $2 billion to the CERTS program (as well as funding for other small businesses) - early next week. The bill needs 60 votes to pass the Senate, so we NEED OUTREACH TO SENATE OFFICES NOW ASKING FOR THEIR YES VOTE ON S. 4008 – ESPECIALLY SENATE REPUBLICANS.

Click here for a list of Senate office staffers to contact – please reach out to your Senator’s office and ask them to support the passage of S. 4008.

Here are talking points for your email outreach.

  • Tell them who you are - your business name and your operations in the state – include employee numbers, if possible.
  • Tell them the motorcoach industry recorded an 82.6 percent record loss of business in 2020 because of the COVID pandemic. The COVID variants slowed down recovery in 2021, with business suffering another 62 percent loss in 2021, and the Omicron hit hard at the start of 2022. The pandemic is not over yet, with concerns for still another variant wave. We are thankful for initial CERTS relief, but it was not enough to bridge the industry through to recovery.
  • Please support S. 4008 – The Small Business COVID Relief Act of 2002 when it comes up for a vote in the Senate next week. The motorcoach industry and the other small businesses impacted by COVID still need additional help.

If you have any questions, or need assistance with your outreach, please contact Andrew Newhart at anewhart@buses.org.

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