Travel Advisories for Holland Tunnel and National Mall

There could be two possible major disruptions to your travels this week:  The Holland Tunnel is operating at 60 percent capacity. Truckers protesting ELDs will be disrupting interstate highway traffic around the country, protests planned for Washington, D.C.

Expect Major Delays Around the Holland Tunnel

From the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey: Due to fire damage fire damage to the nearby Route 139 ramp in Jersey City, the Holland Tunnel will be operating at a 60 percent capacity reduction this week.

Drivers who typically commute through the Holland Tunnel are urged to use mass transit, particularly during the morning and evening rush hours.

The extensive structural damage to the ramp has resulted in closures to three of five lanes nearly back to the tunnel. The capacity reduction is expected to cause significant delays for westbound traffic in Jersey City and Hoboken. Lower Manhattan also can expect backups on local streets accessing the tunnel entrance to New Jersey, particularly if one of the tunnel’s two westbound lanes must be closed if gridlock occurs on the New Jersey side.

Along with urging drivers to use mass transit options and seeking ways to increase rail, bus and ferry capacity, the Port Authority is taking other significant steps to help its state and local partners alleviate the anticipated problems. Ongoing construction work on the Bayonne Bridge, for example, has been suspended to help ease regional traffic.

Port Authority Police are currently staffing intersections to optimize and balance traffic flow on both westbound 14th Street and the local north/south roadways.

For the most up-to-date traffic and transit information, please use the following links:

Potential Trucker Protest May Effect Traffic Nationwide, Oct. 3-8

We have received a report regarding potential disruptions to interstate highway traffic throughout the upcoming week. In July, a known activist in the trucker community expressed a desire to disrupt vehicle traffic by using commercial trucks to shut-down interstate highways across the United States and a planned protest scheduled in Washington, D.C., Oct. 3-8.

The activist and other truckers within the industry are upset about proposed rule changes in which all commercial vehicles will be required to have electronic logging devices installed to monitor each drivers' actual drive time hours as well as work breaks to ensure adherence to laws and regulations. The activist and other truckers want to bring national attention to the issue and have coined the protest "Operation Black and Blue." 

We will continue to monitor and keep you updated on these important issues. 

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