Motorcoaches: The Greenest Way to Travel

Did you know that when you go by motorcoach, you are using the most Earth-friendly travel option?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation is one of the largest contributors to pollution and poor air quality. The sector is responsible for many of the causes of poor air quality, including more than 50 percent of nitrogen oxides total emissions, more than 30 percent of volatile organic compounds emissions, and more than 20 percent of particulate matter emissions in the U.S.

Go green by traveling by motorcoach! Each motorcoach has the potential to displace 55 less-efficient cars. Measuring by passenger miles per gallon, motorcoaches are seven times more efficient than travel by car according to a study by the ABA Foundation. In fact, a couple traveling by motorcoach will cut their carbon emissions nearly in half compared to a hybrid car. Motorcoaches are even more efficient than other modes of mass transportation, twice as efficient as travel by train and four times as efficient as flying. One gallon of fuel can provide more than 200 passenger miles on a motorcoach.

Motorcoaches are on the cutting-edge of Earth-friendly technology. Clean engines and Alternative clean fuels such as bio-diesel, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and compressed natural gas (CNG) help reduce greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions. Many motorcoaches are also outfitted with technology that clean exhaust, leaving virtually zero emissions.

Many motorcoach operators go a long way to ensure they are going green by the way they manage their businesses and operate their fleets. Several companies have enacted sustainability measures in all aspects of their business, including anti-idling techniques, monitoring tire pressure to minimizing fuel consumption and recycling maintenance fluids.

If you don’t normally use motorcoaches as a mode of travel, Earth Day is the perfect day to plan your next business trip or vacation taking the bus. Try riding your bike or walking to the bus pick up location. Motorcoach operators pick up in convenient and walkable locations that are easy to get to.  Walking or biking to and from the bus not only cuts down on emissions but can improve your health and help connect you with other members of your community.

How are you going green? How does your bus operation ensure sustainability? Share by posting on the ABA Facebook page or tweeting @AmericanBusAssn.

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