Marketplace Appointment Tips

Marketplace Appointment Tips

As ABA's Annual Meeting and Marketplace 2018 approaches, appointment requests are now open. Below are 10 key tips to ensure a smooth and efficient appointment requesting process.

Tip #1: Keep the important dates and deadlines in mind.

  • On September 21, the research database opens – allowing you to search for any company that will be attending the conference.
  • On September 28, the appointment request opens at noon – allowing you to begin the process of viewing, requesting, and changing appointments with other companies.
  • On January 5, the appointment request closes – after this point, we will begin to assign your appointments.
  • On January 17, you will receive your appointment schedule.
  • On January 26, Marketplace begins; and appointments will be held from January 28th through January 30th.

Tip #2: Before you search for another company, research your own company first.

Make sure to correct any errors that you see in your company information. You can do this by clicking on “My Profile.” All updates are made in real-time, so they will show up in the research database immediately.

Tip #3: Make your company more appealing by adding a company description geared towards other companies, not customers.

When another company views your profile, they want to know what makes your company suitable for a business partnership. Try not to use the same language you would use to an average customer to sell your product, but instead use language that shows what makes your business ideal for a collaboration with another company in the industry.

Tip #4: Keep your search broad – the more specific you make your search criteria, the fewer results you will receive

When figuring out which search criteria to use, a great place to start is by limiting the “Tour Destinations” field to only one state to view all of the companies that provide services in that region.

Tip #5: Do your research - if you notice that a company is missing information that you think is important, visit their website.

A quick browse through a company’s website may give you extra information that proves valuable in your search.

Tip #6: To better your chances of receiving appointments with your preferred companies, request the maximum of 75 appointments.

Nearly 100% of your mutually requested appointments are scheduled, and nearly 90% of the Buyer-requested appointments are scheduled. Make sure you consistently check the “Who Requested Me” tab to view the list of companies that have requested appointments with you.

Tip #7: If you have multiple appointment-taking delegates, make sure each delegate requests different companies.

Even if your company has multiple appointment-taking delegates, you cannot make an appointment with the same company more than once. Take advantage of multiple delegates by requesting a range of different companies for optimal marketing.

Tip #8: Prioritize your requests – it does make a difference!

When you view the list of your requested appointments, you have the option of numbering them to notify us which appointments you prefer. Make sure to spend some time doing this to increase your chances of getting appointments with the companies of your choice.

Tip #9: Check the system often to view any changes to requests.

Up until the January 5 deadline, companies will be able to change their appointment requests, so make sure you stay updated and check your page often to view any companies that may have requested you.

Tip #10: Don’t stress – you have plenty of time to request appointments.

You have until January 5 to edit your requested appointments. This gives you approximately three months to research companies and prioritize your requests. Remember that your appointments will not be assigned based on when you submitted your request, so don’t worry about making all of your requests on the first day.


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