Insider Exclusive: The Real Root of Office Problems

Insider Exclusive: The Real Root of Office Problems

Conflicts Often Stem From Individuals

By Pete Smith

Employee conflict. Money mismanagement. Micromanagement. Toxic cultures. Poor communication. Tense manager-employee relationships.

As my friend, Michael Port, small business marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Steal the Show, says, these common business problems are nothing more than personal problems in disguise.

It’s worth restating: Personal problems are likely the root cause of most business problems. For example, micromanagement isn’t about poor delegation skills. It’s about the manager’s lack of trust of his or her employees. A toxic office culture isn’t about a lack of incentive programs and team-building exercises. Instead, it’s about an individual’s negativity, feelings of inadequacy, or attitude of indifference.

The most serious issues in the office can come from things we don’t talk about much, such as pride, fear, and personality conflicts. Focus on these things within each individual and you’ll increase your chances of experiencing positive shifts in your office.

The good news is that the source of professional problems is also often the source of professional opportunities. It comes down to a person’s mindset and behaviors.

Do you want your employees to take risks? Then, help them to develop courage and overcome the fear of making wrong decisions.

Do you want your employees to establish strong customer relationships? Help develop their empathy and humility.

Do you want to create an office culture of respect and teamwork? Discuss how to appreciate differences.

The source for both good and bad things that happen in an office exists at the individual level. So, support your employees on bettering themselves for the betterment of the team.

Pete Smith is an international speaker and trainer in the fields of leadership, management, personal growth, and development, and he is the author of Dare to Matter. He will be a speaker at the 2018 ABA Annual Meeting & Marketplace.

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