Insider Exclusive: Small Steps to Helping Your Company Go Green

Insider Exclusive: Small Steps to Helping Your Company Go Green

By Jim Moul

While there are many big-picture choices that can help motorcoach operators make their businesses more environmentally friendly—such as using alternative clean fuels and training drivers to use sustainable driving methods—there are also smaller steps that can make a significant impact. Let’s take a look at some easy ways to help your company be more sustainable every day.

Try Green Web Hosting

Here’s an eco-friendly office solution you probably haven’t thought of: green web hosting. Green hosting means that the servers keeping your company’s website on the internet are powered at least in part by a renewable source. Constantly running servers use quite a lot of energy, so why not make the process as eco-friendly as possible by using a web host that has gone green?

Go Paperless Where Possible

Bookkeeping, invoicing, sending memos, producing company newsletters—these processes and practices can be made paperless via online publishing and email. Electronic forms and PDF documents will save an enormous amount of paper, ultimately helping your company save money while also benefitting the environment.

Recycle at Work

Set up a recycling program at your office if there isn’t already one in place. Remember that you can recycle things such as printer cartridges and electronic equipment in addition to paper products. Include both recycle bins and wastebaskets in your fleet vehicles and schedule stops during trips to process passengers’ trash and recyclables.

Update Old Equipment

Something as simple as replacing the old refrigerator in the break room can make a world of difference when it comes to bettering the environment and saving your company money. Choose energy-efficient appliances, computers, printers, and other electronics whenever possible. Also replace old incandescent lightbulbs and CFLs with energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Consider a Green Energy Source

While adding a bank of solar panels to the roof may not be in every motorcoach operator’s immediate budget, there are other steps you can take to make your power supply greener. Ask your utility supplier about green options; it’s great for the environment and will almost certainly save you money. It’s also possible to run your office on wind, geothermal, or hydropower sources to make even more of an eco-friendly impact.

Taking steps to help your business go green isn’t just great for the environment; it can save you thousands of dollars per year, and it makes your company more attractive to eco-conscious customers. Start implementing green practices today—the benefits will pay for themselves in no time at all!

Jim Moul is a freelance writer based on the East Coast.

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