Insider Exclusive: Keep Communication Cool This Summer!

Insider Exclusive: Keep Communication Cool This Summer!

By Vincent Ivan Phipps          

Summer is here! Personal travel is on the rise. Opportunities for outdoor activities rise. And as physical temperatures rise, so can our emotional temperatures.

Here are three tips that can help keep your communication cool during this hot summer.

1. Pause before responding. The average person processes thoughts about 500 words per minute. The average person only speaks at about 150 words per minute. This means that even if you were to speak three times faster than your normal rate, you still cannot speak as fast as your brain can process. This speech to thought ratio can be detrimental when we get overly emotional. We say the first thing that comes to mind without using our mental filters. Pausing 2–3 seconds enables us to calm down and allow our brains to be more selective about the words that may be more suitable. When your tour group climbs back on the bus after a tour of an Arizona state park in August, they may be irritable. Take some time to cool yourself before responding to their requests or complaints!

2. Hydrate. That’s right, drinking water can make you a better communicator! Approximately 73 percent of our brains is water. When we are dehydrated, the neurons controlling the left side (logical side) of our brains is at a disadvantage. When our brains are hydrated, we increase intellectual and conscious decision-making. Make sure your bus drivers have plenty of water on hand before embarking on a journey so they can stay fresh and alert!

3. Ask before assuming. Instead of saying, “Looks like you failed to complete your assignment again,” ask “What is the status of your project?” Instead of saying, “This is going to take me too long to explain to you, I will just do it myself,” ask “To make sure we are on the same page about how to do this, what is the process to ensure completion before the deadline?” Whether you are managing the front desk of a hotel or organizing an itinerary for your CVB, check in with your staff often and keep open communication.

As the season gets hotter, our patience can get shorter. Following these three tips is sure to keep your communication cool.

Vincent Ivan Phipps, M.A., CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is the owner and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of Communication VIP Training and Coaching. For more information visit Vincent will be a speaker at the ABA 2018 Annual Meeting & Marketplace in Charlotte

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