Insider Exclusive: Digital Marketing Tips for the Travel World

Insider Exclusive: Digital Marketing Tips for the Travel World

By Bill Eager

What if I told you there is a crystal ball that indicates how well your digital marketing campaign will do before it is launched? Would you want one?

The science of metrics, predictive analytics, and continuous improvement—although not an actual crystal ball—can indeed provide a glimpse into the future of how successful your campaign will be.

Online metrics provide instant feedback about what works—and what doesn't. Learning about how your audience engages with your travel and tourism content can help you know what will happen in the future with your ads, posts, campaigns, and landing pages. Here are some tips for achieving success and the metrics you need to monitor:

Tip 1: Shares Not Views. Monitor how frequently your content is shared between users. Traveling by motorcoach is a visually rich experience offering you the opportunity to post videos and images of journeys. Sharing indicates you have struck a nerve with your content and your audience wants more.

Tip 2: Slice and Dice. Repurpose your existing content to track ideas and sentiment. Take one piece of content, perhaps a video, and edit it into multiple versions. For example, a tour operator could produce a four-minute video about a travel experience for their website and Facebook. This could be transformed into short, 30-second clips about sightseeing, history, dining, etc. The same content can be used for Instagram, and screenshots can work for Pinterest. Make sure to use analytics to track the results of audience engagement—your views, comments, and shares.

Tip 3: Watch and Learn. Discover how your content spreads through networks and channels. When you share content with individuals (influencers) or groups (audiences), notice how it spreads inside and outside that network or channel. Learn about audience segments. This can help you decide where to seed specific types of content.

Over a period of time, you will develop a content knowledge base that tells you how different types of content will resonate with your audiences. This is an invaluable asset to content creation, campaign development, channel strategy, pricing models, and other aspects of the business, including:

  • Enhancing your audience and customer engagement.
  • Creating promotions targeted to customers with segmentation and targeting.
  • Optimizing pricing of services to maximize profits.
  • Improving inventory management.
  • Generating better customer service.

When data provides useful insights about content engagement and audience behavior, it can improve your campaigns—the currently running campaigns. This is unlike the more common approach of completing a campaign and then learning and deciding what to do differently the next time around. Rather, you can change and optimize right now!

Bill Eager is an internet marketing and social media expert and author of 12 books about technology trends. He will be a speaker at the 2018 ABA Annual Meeting & Marketplace in Charlotte, N.C. 

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