Insider Exclusive: 3 Group Tours You Might Want to Check Out

Insider Exclusive: 3 Group Tours You Might Want to Check Out

By ABA Media

The Insider recently posed the following industry question to several ABA member motorcoach operators: What are some of the best new group tour destinations you’ve discovered?

Here is what our members had to say:

“I’ve found that the Utica, N.Y., area offers so much more than I knew about. My group was thrilled to do the variety of attractions offered in and around the area. We did a History Day, which included a tour and lunch at Herkimer mansion and then rides on the Erie Canal and on the scenic Adirondack Scenic Railroad, along with visits to the Shako:wi Cultural Center and Herkimer Diamond Mines—and those are just a few of the wonderful attractions this area offers groups.”

Judy LoSasso 
TreasureTime Tours LLC
Buchanan, N.Y.

“Though not exactly a new place to visit, the Thousand Islands is a wonderful undiscovered destination. Our travelers have heard of it, are intrigued by it, but have never been there, so it becomes exciting, especially as a Mystery Trip. The natural beauty, the castles, and the touring options are fantastic. And destinations there want our business! In case you are unfamiliar with this area, the Thousand Islands comprise pristine islands in the St. Lawrence Seaway and include waterside hotels and quaint riverside communities. Boldt Castle, Singer Castle, and Fredrick Remington’s home are the three main highlights, though the boat tours, the wineries, and a Thousand Islands dinner are equally delightful.”

Nicholas Calderazzo, CTP, President
Twin Travel Concepts
Kinderhook, N.Y.

“Boston’s North Shore has become a destination our travelers fall in love with. (I may be partial, as it’s in my company’s backyard, too!) They are surprised to find adventures such as kayaking and hiking. What’s more, on the North Shore, groups will find classic New England towns along the water where they can walk into one-of-a-kind stores, artist studios, and restaurants for high-quality goods and amazing local food. The North Shore is a great escape!”

Taunya Wolfe Finn, CTP, Owner/President
Wolfe Adventures & Tours LLC
Newburyport, Mass.

“There are no new destinations—we spin the old ones in creative ways. I have packaged Boston, Philadelphia, and Williamsburg for 40 years. We just combined them into a romp through history on a trip entitled ‘Chasing the Redcoats.’ This trip starts with pre-Revolutionary unrest in Boston and spends the last morning on a celebration of victory at Yorktown. Our website describes it best: ‘Listen as American patriots rail against the tyranny of King George. Come see the places where they argued loudest for freedom. Walk in their footsteps, hear their words, dine in their taverns—it’s a frolicking great adventure in American history. In these seven days, your group tour will touch on myriad historical topics, from colonial unrest at the Boston Tea Party ship in 1773 to the final conflict at Yorktown in 1781. You will have heard the words of patriots and shared a mug of ale, and perhaps you will gain a new appreciation of the hardships endured in our pursuit of liberty.’”

Bob Cline, President
US Tours
Vienna, W.V.

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