How to Talk to Google Voice, Siri

How to Talk to Google Voice, Siri

Ask the right questions, get the right answers

By Heather Lutze

Have you ever felt like you weren’t quite getting through to Google Voice or Siri and wondered how you should talk to these robots to get the information you need?

Wonder no longer! The two tools I’m about to share will give you the exact questions you need to ask to get answers from any mobile device. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cheat sheet on how to get the information quickly and thoroughly? In a time when texting and driving endangers your life and others on the road, these verbal cheats will help you to be safe and efficient whenever you are on the go.

Both the “Learn More About What You Can Ask Google” and “Siri Cheat Sheet” lists of phone commands are categorized by the type of action you want to take and how to ask for it. You can ask Google Voice and Siri to find your packages, set reminders, tell you the weather, play songs, and so much more.

Being specific is where it’s at! For example, if you want to create a reminder, say, “Remind me to call Jamie at 6 p.m.” To make yourself a note, say, “Note that I spent $12 on lunch.” These questions are concise and include key words, making it easy for Google and Siri to respond quickly.

It’s incredible how much these programs are becoming our right-hand assistants. When you know what you need and how to ask for it, these can be some of your greatest supports.

I hope these tools help you make the most of your time in the New Year. Here’s to easy searching—and being easily “findable”!

Heather Lutze, CSP, is a top-rated marketing speaker who teaches business owners and marketers how to “get found” online. Learn more about Lutze at She is a frequent speaker at ABA’s Annual Meeting & Marketplace.

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