Calling All Bus Operators: Act Now on FMCSA’S Lease & Interchange Rule


Calling All Bus Operators: Act Now on FMCSA’S Lease & Interchange Rule  (August 17, 2015)

The American Bus Association has heard from numerous bus operators that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA’s) final rule regarding lease and interchange of passenger motor vehicles will have a significant negative impact on their operations because it is overly burdensome and unworkable.

To address the various concerns raised, ABA and others are petitioning FMCSA to reconsider the rule.

To accomplish this goal, that is, convince FMCSA to reconsider the rule, we need bus operators to weigh in by petitioning the Agency as well.

The FMCSA needs to hear directly from you, it needs to understand the significant negative impact this rule will have on your business.  But time is short, you have until August 25 to act.

Here is how to file a petition for reconsideration and tell FMCSA the rule won’t work:

1.  Prepare a petition for reconsideration.  To assist you, below are two different models to work from, based on type of operation:  charter operations, or pooling arrangements or commonly own and controlled vehicles.  Feel free to use these drafts, and modify them to fit your needs.

2.  Make 5 hard copies of your petition.

3.  Submit the petition.  To submit the petition, mail all 5 copies to:

            Mr. T.F. Scott Darling, III
            Chief Counsel and Acting Administrator
            Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
            1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
            Washington, D.C.  20590

4.  Deadline:  August 25, 2015.  You must mail your package of 5 copies of the petition by August 25, in order for your voice to count. 

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