Beware of Phishing or Spam Emails Pretending to be from ABA

American Bus Association (ABA) members are occasionally targeted by fake emails appearing to be from ABA. These phishing emails — pronounced "fishing" — may have different formats. However, all claim to be from ABA and some may even look official. In many cases, customers are being targeted to gain specific information. ABA has not and will not send any email to customers requesting verification of any membership information.
If you receive a phishing email, ABA recommends that you delete it. These emails are fraudulent and do not originate from ABA. Do not provide the requested information under any circumstances.

Identifying Fraudulent Email

The following approach is often used in a phishing email:

  • Information is requested for Marketplace list.
  • The request usually asks for one or more of the following information types. 
  • Your Primary or Secondary email address
  • Your account password

In general, any email you receive requesting personal information is likely to be some form of fraud. Never provide username and password information by email to anyone. ABA will never ask users to verify account information by email. Still, you must always use good judgment in reviewing items that arrive in your Inbox. It is an unfortunate reality that thieves and hackers continuously bombard Internet users with fraudulent email. 

There is no failsafe method for identifying fraud. However, ABA never collects personal information from members via email. If you get an email asking for you to provide account information, credit or banking information, or login information, you can be sure that it is not from ABA. In some cases you can see the mailto or return email address is not a valid ABA email address, such as "From: []." Below are common characteristics of phishing schemes.

  • The thief tells you to act quickly to avoid some negative consequence.
  • There are embedded links in the email that take you to a website that looks similar to ABA's because it includes all or part of the company name. Forms on these sites ask for personal information.
  • Spelling errors are often used in email subject lines to help avoid Internet Service Provider (ISP) spam filtering and your email spam filter.
  • For more information on identifying and avoiding phishing emails and sites, refer to

Handling Fraudulent Email

Do not follow or click on any embedded links. Delete the email from your Inbox and empty your deleted items folder so that neither you nor anyone else who accesses this email account acts on this email.

You can also notify the authorities by reporting the incident to the Federal Trade Commission at or by calling 877-IDTHEFT.

Fraudulent Email Protection

  • Always be vigilant when receiving emails from any company with which you do business. Treat requests for personal information with suspicion. 
  • Be wary of email messages asking you to act quickly to avoid negative consequences.
  • Most web browsers and email clients will display the actual link. Carefully examine these embedded links in email messages that take you to sites appearing to be from ABA. Examine the logo and other trademarks to ensure they are legitimate.
  • Take caution when completing forms on websites that ask for personal information.
  • Watch out for spelling errors. These are common on fake sites and emails. They are meant to avoid detection by spam filtering measures.
  • Do not click on links in unsolicited emails.
  • Delete suspected fake email promptly.
  • Protect your personal information at all times.
  • Change your passwords frequently.

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