ABA Congratulates Successful FY 2019 Bus Security Grant Recipients

ABA offers its congratulations to the 29 recipients of the fiscal year 2019 Intercity Bus Security Grant Program (IBSGP) funds to implement strategies, exercises, training and technologies designed to mitigate threats to passengers and facilities of motorcoach operators. All recipients are ABA members.

ABA members have used the federal dollars to bolster motorcoach safety and security in a variety of ways, including building fencing perimeters, adding security cameras, buying metal detection screening equipment, installing driver shields, enabling global positioning satellite tracking (GPS), developing security plans, conducting vulnerability assessments and taking advantage of training exercises to coordinate response efforts with law enforcement and other first responders.

It is no surprise that security is an issue of primary concern. Since September 11, ABA members have taken steps to continue to demonstrate that the motorcoach industry is best prepared for the next security incident, working diligently to minimize threats to their passengers and operations often without the benefit of federal funding. The FY 2019 grants were unique in that they required a 50 percent private cost match or in-kind contribution to secure funding.

Since 2003, ABA members have received nearly 93 percent of the $110 million in security grant funding awarded to the motorcoach industry by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). ABA members have further demonstrated their commitment to security by expending tens of millions of dollars of their own money as in-kind contributions or matching funds to help secure the nation’s private motorcoach industry and help protect this valuable portion of America’s transportation industry. 

“Our industry is committed to security and the safety of our passengers and employees and the Intercity Bus Security Grant Program is critical to helping our members and the industry mitigate potential future threats,” said ABA President and CEO Peter J. Pantuso, CTIS. “A report by TSA concluded that it was in the interest of national security to maintain a distinct security program for the intercity bus industry. We need Congress and the Department of Homeland Security to help us do that by providing adequate funding annually.”

ABA will also be partnering with FEMA to offer a grant management technical assistance workshop for the first time. The workshop will take place via webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 20 from 1-4 p.m. ET. To RSVP for the session, please email bbuchanan@buses.org.

Everyone interested in grants and security grant recipients from the past three years are encouraged to participate.

ABA will be following up with all FY 2019 grantees to garner additional information about their security grant projects to provide briefings to important members of Congress to help continue this essential grant program.

“The American bus and motorcoach industry conducts nearly 600 million passenger trips each year, it is imperative that we do everything in our means to secure our facilities and vehicles against possible threats. Over the years motorcoaches have been used by terrorists around the world as a tool for inflicting mass casualties and damage. Security preparedness is essential for our industry and for United States. ABA will continue to work with Congress to secure additional federal monies to assist our members in enhancing the security of their operations,” Pantuso said.

Did you apply for a security grant and not receive funding? Tell us about it! Let ABA connect you with your member of Congress to tell them how important this program is and what an impact it will have on your operations. Please contact us by emailing bbuchanan@buses.org with your security grant project idea and how much you applied for.

Click here to view the FY 2019 security grant recipients.

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