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Great news! The travel and tourism industry is thriving and more people seem to be on the move these days. The industry is excited about projections for strong growth. Nevertheless, an increase in business creates the need to step up recruitment efforts to handle the increased traffic. 

Recruiting the right job candidates is no simple task. High turnover positions-especially drivers-can be especially challenging. It can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive to discover and recruit new talent quickly and in scale, which is why more and more businesses are turning to performance-based online recruiting solutions.

Recognizing their members’ need for a better, more cost-effective way to fill open positions, American Bus Association, has partnered with New York-based, online recruitment leader, CareerCo. Together, the plan is to help ABA members leverage a risk-free, performance-based system to recruit and hire for all positions. Through its effective career advisor system; proprietary job-mapping “CareerMAP” technology; “WOOF Job Alerts,” which provide real-time alerts to job seekers as opportunities matching their criteria become available; CareerCo offers a proactive approach to finding employees that’s risk-free and ROI-focused. And, special pricing is offered for all ABA members!

THE BIG BENEFIT: Because there are no up-front costs, and you only pay for quality applicant prospects, you can reduce your overall cost per hire. In addition, there are no long-term contracts to worry about. CareerCo screens candidates for you so you can focus on only those candidates who match your requirements. From setting your specific criteria and customizing your postings, to real-time tracking of your applicants, CareerCo enables you to manage your hiring process in an easy, affordable way that will not inundate you. And, not only will you get the candidates that you need, they will come from more sources than you currently have access to such as text, email, and telephone outreach.

Here are some ways to make performance-based recruitment work for you:

Explore the road less travelled. Finding the right employees might require you to go outside your immediate geographic area. Or, you might have lots of quality candidates in your backyard, but need a way to stand out in a busy and competitive hiring climate.  Either way, the ability to use geo-targeting in your job candidate search – something that performance-based recruitment provides – can help you zero in on a particular zone of talent.

Market your open positions effectively. Casting a wider net to allow candidates without industry-specific experience (but relevant skill sets) is a great way to broaden your talent pool to include candidates that your competitors are not also reaching out to. This requires carefully crafted messaging to the right audience to introduce them to synergistic career paths in your industry. A performance-based recruiting solution can help you with these tasks.

Map out your candidate’s hiring journey. Getting the most out of a pay-for-performance service depends on how efficiently you follow up with candidates. In other words, whether you have a dedicated HR person to handle your recruitment and hiring, or you run a smaller operation and that task falls to someone who already manages a dozen other things, having a real-time plan in place for when applications come in is key.  CareerCo manages the job inquiry and application intake to include only those job seekers who meet your pre-set criteria. No more wasted time sifting through endless applications from unqualified candidates.

Build a strong employer brand. Once you begin conversing with strong prospects, a transparent hiring process, that includes a detailed orientation and training program designed to acclimate new hires and make them feel welcome, and fair compensation, benefits and attractive employee perks will go a long way in helping you hire and retain them.

In a business that’s so dependent on having a workforce of reliable, skilled, employees, having the right team is essential. The favorable economy and growing industry numbers mean it’s time to step up your hiring to find the right team. It’s up to you to take the wheel and drive your company toward recruitment success.