Women in Buses Wednesday: Tourism Industry: Partnering with your Neighbors and “Competitors”

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Tourism Industry: Partnering with your Neighbors....and even your "Competitors"

This talk is heavily geared towards attractions, but restaurants and hoteliers can certainly gain some insight!  Booking business for your area is not an individual sport - it's a team sport and you should decide to be the captain of the team today.  We'll talk FAM tours, sales missions, cross-promotions, itineraries and more.  Whether you have an active and amazing DMO or a less than desirable representation, learn how you can take charge and gain more attention


Nicole Boyer

Growing up a very shy introvert, sales is never a career path that crossed her mind once.  But, she has been in a sales role for over 15 years and has absolutely loved it. She truly believe you do not close a sale, you open a relationship.  And now with years of experience under her belt, she's excited to share tips, tricks, and advice with all of you!  

Personally, she's fueled by travel, music, and being in nature. She believes happiness is a choice you make every day.  And, while it scares her introverted self terribly, she loves and embraces meeting new people and building new relationships in every step of life.


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