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Join us for an educational sessions of the Women in Buses Council.  All are invited to participate.  Membership in the Women in Buses Council is not a requirement for this session.

Social media and online is king!

Join us for the Travel, our and Charter Committee meeting as we explore social media and share what apps and links we are using to build our businesses. 

First, we will begin with a presentation from ABA’s Director of Communications, Melanie Hinton on social media and how to avoid its pitfalls.  Today we live in a 24/7 news cycle world where anyone with a social media account can be a reporter.  Gone are the days of schedule releases and statements, companies need to nimble on their feet when crisis strikes and know how to avoid setting off firestorms with an off-hand remark or social post because everything is permanent and nothing goes away when you delete. You must be aware of what is out there to help you protect your brand and your business.

We will then have an open discussion on all things apps and online.  What apps are you using?  Are you getting leads from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or how are they working for you?  Do you use Craigslist or Merchant Circle, LinkedIn?  What time management apps have you found useful?

This is a great opportunity to listen, share and learn!

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