Women in Buses: The Science of Storytelling

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Tour, Travel & Charter Committee  presents The Science of Storytelling | This webinar teaches how science is reshaping the way we think about storytelling. We live in stories all day long, we dream in stories all night long, and we share stories through social interactions. It's how we learn, think and communicate and connect with one another. Neuroscientists have discovered that our brain chemistry actually changes when we hear a story. We become more engaged, more trusting, more receptive, and much more likely to give or buy. Leading organizations know that story is the most potent weapon in their arsenal; they're driving powerful emotions and creating meaning in people's lives. People don't buy our ideas; they buy how we make them feel.


As chief experience officer at Listen Technologies, Jonathan Stanley is responsible for customer and employee experience. He creates, tests, and leads the implementation of short- and long-term strategy and messaging. Jonathan is passionate about creating alignment at all levels of the organization so that everyone understands what Listen Technologies does.

A fundamental part of his role is aligning the company around a clear purpose—transitioning from a product-centric to a customer-centric organization. With an understanding that great employee experiences inevitably lead to superior customer experiences, Jonathan believes in leading with empathy. His favorite part of his job is creating meaning for others by giving, sharing, and helping them succeed.

Jonathan has had a successful career in sales and marketing at telecom, computer manufacturing, and software development companies. Through his experiences, he learned that integrity and people should be more important than profit. That insight led him to start his own business: AudioConexus.

Founded in 2006, AudioConexus has helped tour operators and guides grow their businesses with less effort by delivering creative and compelling content in multiple languages and topics using GPS automation. AudioConexus was acquired by Listen Technologies in 2019.

Jonathan studied English literature and philosophy at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He later received an advanced certificate in general management from the executive MBA program at the Smith School of Business, and is also certified in leadership, strategy, and finance, and has received multiple awards.

In his free time, Jonathan loves to travel, read, and discover new food experiences. In addition, he is a dedicated volunteer for the Hill 70 Memorial Project, a memorial to the memory of the Canadian soldiers who fought and died at Hill 70 during World War I. He has a 16-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter and is engaged to be married.


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Committee Information

The focus of this committee would be to work on issues of importance to travel, tour and charter segment including tour product development.

  • Create a network of tour and charter planners, DMO/CVB, and travel industry members for tour product development.
  • Provide education of industry trends, itinerary development, contracting/negotiations, co-op opportunities and other important travel/tour topics.
  • Develop resources to assist in the promotion of this segment in the industry.
  • Build a mentoring program for new women in the travel, tour and charter segment
  • Participate in a active network of women tour professionals.

This committee may interest the following members:

  • Tour Operators
  • DMO/CVB Staff
  • Travel Industry Members (Hoteliers, Attractions, Dining, etc.)
  • Tour Coordinators
  • Charter Coordinators

Visit http://www.buses.org/wib for more information on the Women in Buses Council.

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