Women in Buses: Operations & Maintenance Committee | The 5 Must-Haves of a Reservation System

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Women in Buses: Operations & Maintenance Committee

Your ticketing & reservations system is the lifeblood of your business. The right one, can accelerate growth, create value for your customers, and transform your operations through extreme automation. On the other hand, a sub-par system can result in a negative experience for your customers, it can cause a drain on your resources, and worst of all, it can stifle growth and innovation.

The importance of your ticketing and reservations system should not be underestimated. There are key aspects you must consider. This webinar will dive into the top 5 features that no modern system should go without.


Motor Coach Industries


Jannine Krish, Director of Marketing

Jannine is a passionate 'travel marketing' leader with a creative vision and strategic mindset, continuously striving to improve brand experiences. She joined the Betterez team in 2019 as Head of Marketing, and holds ultimate responsibility for all marketing and communications activities at Betterez. Jannine has over a decade of transportation experience having played key marketing roles in the launch of Toronto's Union Pearson Express, and at Porter Airlines. She holds an MBA in Marketing from Schulich University in Toronto.

Mike Van Horn, VP of Sales

Mike joined Betterez in 2015 as Head of Sales.  He has worked with numerous bus & coach operators globally to evaluate modernizing their ticketing systems, subsequently helping operators build business cases, launch Betterez and get the most ongoing value  out of their investments in ticketing. He firmly believes that sales must remain an integral part of a customer’s success and is therefore a key contributor to the company’s processes and standards in customer support and product roadmap. Prior to joining Betterez, Mike held sales and business development positions at Perot Systems, Deloitte, Dell and Tata. He also served in the United States Marine Corps, attaining the rank of Sergeant and subsequently Captain.

Committee Information

The focus of this committee would be to work on issues of importance to the safe operation and maintenance of the motorcoach fleet.

  • Create a network of women bus operators and the vendors that supply equipment and services necessary to the operations of the fleet.
  • Provide education/training on new motorcoach products and services.
  • Identify best practices for the safety and security of the motorcoach fleet.
  • Develop resources to assist in the maintenance and options of the motorcoach fleet.
  • Build a network of resources for equipment breakdowns, driver needs, etc.

This committee may interest the following members:

  • Bus Operator Operations & Maintenance Staff
  • Bus Manufacturers
  • Associate (Products & Services) Members
  • Bus Operator Executives
  • Bus Operator Safety Staff

Visit http://www.buses.org/wib for more information on the Women in Buses Council.

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