Women in Buses Marketing Webinar | Making the Most of Your Appointments at Marketplace

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Join us for an educational sessions of the Women in Buses Council.  All are invited to participate.  Membership in the Women in Buses Council is not a requirement for this session.

Making the Most of Your Appointments at Marketplace

The following webinar was created to provide insight from both a buyer and seller prospective of how to make the most of the appointment process at Marketplace.  This includes tips on how to gain buyers attention in the selling process and how sellers can best decipher through the products which are the best fit for their own business program.


Elizabeth Hall – John Hall’s Alaska

Dea Hoover – Are We There Yet

Dee Dee O’Brien – Denali Bluffs and RiverView Cabins

Shebby Lee - Shebby Lee Tours

Registration is closed for this event.