Women in Buses Fall Series | The Startup Mentality: Restart to Success

Session Information

Executive Management Committee presents "The Startup Mentality: Restart to Success"

Join us on DATE for a thoughtful discussion on what it takes to build a business. Trisha Fridrich, Director of Marketing and Business Development for All Aboard America Holdings will talk with two startup founders to tap into the ideas, strategies and mentality that it takes to build a business from the ground up.
How do you coach your team through change? How do you know if/when you should pivot? How do you engage with customers to determine if you’re meeting their needs? When there aren’t enough hands on deck, how do you focus on the right priorities?

Weekends are booked and customers are returning to group travel. Let’s be sure we have the right mindset to restart our businesses for future success. These lessons will provide good prospective and helpful advice as we rebuild our businesses into 2022.



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