Women in Buses:  An Introduction to DISC

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On Demand Viewing

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Executive Management Committee presents an introduction to DISC.  Today Peter will share with you the DISC model as it is presented to Spader 20 Groups and Management Workshops. Is your personal work style a Dominant Director, Interacting Socializer, Steady Relater or Cautious Thinker? Or are you as most people, a combination of two? Prior to the webinar WIB will ask four volunteers who have not previously taken the DISC personality assessment to do so. The results will be shared during the presentation. The results may not be what you expect! Spader will present six complimentary profiles at the end of the presentation. This will be a fun exercise on how you can guide yourself through the process of identifying your own unique key talents and interests, as well as opportunities for strengthening your relationships with others.


Motor Coach Industries


Peter Shelbo is a founder and past owner of Tour West America, located in Phoenix AZ. As many early deregulation start-ups years ago, Peter entered the industry with one well used motorcoach, a chauffeur’s license, good fortune, and not a clue. Through tremendous effort and the help of many industry associates, the company became a successful and respected coach and tour company. Peter sold his interest in 2017 after 30 years. Since then Peter helped create, with Tracy Fickett, a specialty transportation accounting firm known as BUSBooks. Peter recently joined the Spader Business Management Team as a 20 Group facilitator. He was a client of Spader for many years and owes much of his success to that participation.

Committee Information

The focus of this committee would be to work on issues of importance to CEO, General Managers and other bus company executives/decision-makers who are women.

  • Provide education on management topics
  • Participate in an active network of women bus executives
  • Identify opportunities for advocacy and/or speak to legislators on the national, regional, and statewide level
  • Develop a mentoring program for future women bus executives

This committee may interest the following members:

  • Bus Company Owners
  • Bus Company General Managers
  • Bus Company Executives

Visit http://www.buses.org/wib for more information on the Women in Buses Council.

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