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Operations, Maintenance and Drivers Committee presents "Motorcoach Systems & Operations with MCI"

Join us on August 26th for the second of our four-part series on Motorcoaches.  MCI’s David Mailhot and Scott Crawford will lead this second session that will focus on Motorcoach Systems & Operations.  This session will build on the basics we learned from our first session and focus on:

  • Key vehicle systems and how they function: Powertrain, Electrical, Air, Brakes , Suspension, HVAC and more.
  • Learning some of the important telltales, diagnostic codes  and what they mean.
  • Deciphering some common buzzwords and acronyms such as DPF, SCR and Regen.

We’ll end with our Session #1 quiz highlights and a tour of the resources available to Women In Buses through the MCI learning Management System (LMS)


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