The Way Forward | Post-Pandemic Cleanliness and Safety Protocols Taskforce Findings

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The COVID-19 pandemic crippled the bus industry within days. At first no one wanted to travel and risk getting ill and then it quickly became no one was allowed to travel because of state and local restrictions to help flatten the curve. Nearly 3,000 motorcoach companies and 36,000 buses were brought to a standstill.

After nearly four months of waiting for the United States to open again, the industry needs to be ready to welcome back passengers. Those passengers who want to travel again need assurance they are traveling safely, not just with good driving and safe vehicles, but now with clean, disinfected vehicles so their chance of catching COVID-19 is minimal.

Safety has always been our industry’s number one priority. We are the safest and greenest mode of transportation.

ABA brought together a Task Force of industry peers to discuss sample protocols for the industry when buses are running again. The Taskforce findings cover Employee Protections, Bus Maintenance and Cleaning, Remote Travel Protocols, Emergency Evacuation Protocols, Customer Care, and Public Relations.  Join us as the Taskforce Leadership shares this important information for the recovery of the motorcoach industry.


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