Strategic Selling Skills - Building Superior Value in your Product

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If I could show you ONE change to your current sales presentation that will IMMEDIATELY help you close more deals in the next seven days, would that be of great value to you?  If you said YES, keep reading!   

My name is Dave Sherman and I’ve been helping people be more comfortable, confident, and successful in the world of sales for over 25 years.  In this presentation, we’re going to talk about how to build greater value in your product or service so your customers will start saying YES more often, more quickly, and with less objections. During this presentation, we’ll talk about:

  • Why feature dumping is killing your closing percentage!
  • How to close more deals by NOT selling your product!
  • How to confirm that your customers want your product!
  • What does WMTY mean and why you should start using it!


Dave Sherman

For the past 25+ years, Dave Sherman has been helping people become more comfortable, confident, and successful in the world of sales.  He has owned his own speaking, training, and coaching business since 1999 and, for the past nine years, Dave has been leading sales training teams for Infusionsoft, Mobile Mini and Mindbody. 

Dave is the author of three books on sales and networking and has worked with hundreds of company including, Toyota, Southwest Airlines, Northwestern Mutual, American Express, and so many more. 

Dave lives in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona and is married to his wonderful Lisa.  He loves golf, movies, any kind of travel and his only vices these days are diet Mountain Dew, a good bottle of red wine and a great cigar. 

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