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Be prepared when application portals for the 2nd round of the Paycheck Protection Program opens.  Whether you already have an existing relationship with a lender or if you are looking for one to assist you during the 2nd round of PPP funding, this webinar will provide general guidance on the requirements for accessing funds.  We will hear from representatives with Prime Commercial Lending who processed and facilitated more than $400 million in the 1st round of PPP.  After participating in the webinar, you will be able to determine if you are eligible to participate in PPP 2.0, and you’ll have a contact with Prime Commercial Lending who can help you through the process of receiving funds.


In our efforts to provide assistance to our members with accessing PPP 2.0 funds, ABA reached out to Prime Commercial Lending since they have a tremendous amount of experience assisting diverse organizations gain access to PPP funds from the first round.  ABA is not partnering with Prime Commercial Lending in any way but introducing them to our members as an option if they do not already have a relationship with a bank or other lender who is able to assist them in receiving PPP funds if they are otherwise eligible.

In addition, at this time, the final rules and requirements for the 2nd round of the PPP program have not been issued and there will likely be some differences from the first round of funding.  As soon as the guidance and final rules are issued ABA will hold a follow up webinar to assist our members.


Jon Cosentino, Prime Commercial Lending
Kris D. Roglieri, Prime Commercial Lending
Eric Braendel, American Bus Association

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