Optimizing Payroll Protection Loan Forgiveness

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This session will focus on:
•    SBA prescribed expenses
o    What is considered a payroll expense under the Payroll Protection Program?
o    What other expenses are allowable?
•    Understanding the 8 week period.
•    Is the PPP a loan or a grant?
•    How to achieve forgiveness of the loan.
•    When does the loan come due?
•    The SBA Rules for Forgiveness
•    Does the EIDL grant  and/or loan reduce the overall forgiveness amount?
•    What if I don’t use the funds for payroll?
•    And… are there still funds available?


With his extensive knowledge of tax codes combined with strong accounting skills, CEO William “Bill” J. Caldwell is able to help clients realize their dreams. Bill Caldwell honed his financial skills during a tenure at the U.S. Department of Army Audit Agency.  An astute businessman, he recognized his generalist approach to accounting was an asset to small business entrepreneurs, so in 2002 he opened the doors to his accounting practice in Bethesda, Maryland. Further, to serve their growing client base, Caldwell CPAs opened offices in Virginia Beach, VA  and Houston, TX as well as satellite offices across the country.  Bill is a sought-after speaker for the transportation industry, have presented recently at the American Bus Association Marketplace as well as other industry conferences, including those in the tourism industry.   Caldwell CPAs has a team of tax professionals that specialize in the transportation industry, working directly with motor coach operators, trucking companies, medical transport operators and taxi and livery services.

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