Member Benefit Presentation with AmeriFuel: Unstable Fuel Prices? We Can Show You How to Control It

How are you prepared to deal with fuel prices being unstable? Temporary "Discounts" are not fuel savings. Cost of fuel is more than just the price at the pump. Learn what the controllables are so you can control the controllable. Is all your time spent managing your reports, time spent filling out your quarterly IFTA, collecting receipts, directing your drivers to the lowest price fueling locations, filing for your bus operators Federal Tax Exemption on diesel with IRS, and much more? Learn how AmeriFuel's total fuel management program saves you on gallons, offers IFTA data reports, wholesale fuel sites with the convenience of being able to go to retail fuel sites, along with capturing your Federal exemption dollars in real time per transaction. No more waiting to file your "operator tax" exemption. 

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