Marketplace Webinar Series: The Ultimate Sales Messaging System

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Dramatically enhance your professional communications skills Systematically design sales messaging that is clear and concise Systematically deliver sales messaging or presentations that are compelling Gain the confidence and trust of your customers with powerful messaging Help customers make an informed buying decision with clear messaging Be a confident creator of clear, concise, and compelling sales messaging Increase your ability to win more sales opportunities with customized messaging.


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Brian Williams, the founder of Perspectivity, was working as an engineer in Silicon Valley at the height of the dot-com bubble. Technical companies were booming and people were becoming millionaires overnight, but not every company experienced such great success. As Brian observed companies being bought out, employees being let go, and excellent products failing to go to market, he knew there was an underlying problem that was not being addressed.    He could see it was neither the people nor the technology that were the problem—both were strong, and quickly found a place with former competitors. But it was the inability to sell the technology to other people that led to the demise of these companies. Effective sales messaging was a missing component and that was Brian’s sweet spot as an engineer, technical marketer, and excellent communicator.

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