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Join us for a session of the Marketplace Webinar Series: The Fine Art of Small Talk

Make the most of opportunities to build rapport with fellow colleagues and team members along with customers and clients. Learn how to: Start a conversation and keep it going, master introductions and remember names, handle awkward situations, become an "active" listener, revive a dying conversation, avoid conversation "killers," come up with topics to discuss, overcome communication barriers, approach social functions with confidence and prepare for successful conversation.

Fine is a former engineer, now keynote speaker, and bestselling author presenting to Fortune 500 organizations and institutions around the world. Her bestselling books The Fine Art of Small Talk How to Start a Conversation, Keep It Going, Build Networking Skills – and Leave a Positive Impression (Hachette) and The Fine Art of the Big Talk: How to Win Clients, Deliver Great Presentations, and Solve Conflicts at Work (Hachette) was joined by Debra’s latest book in her Fine Art series Beyond Texting: The Fine Art of Face-to-Face Communication for Teenagers (Canon). Her recent media appearances include the Today Show, the Early Show, NPR Morning Edition, Fox Business News and CNN. More information about Debra and her work can be viewed at http://www.DebraFine.com.


Debra Fine was a Marketplace 2017 Speaker. In case you missed her sessions at Marketplace or want to hear more from Debra, register for this Marketplace webinar.

Timidly, at first, she dipped her toes into the pool of small talk But, Fine soon realized that conversation, like most things in life, comes easier with practice.

Now the formerly shy, tongue-tied “enginerd” is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, trainer and best selling author.

A former engineer Debra Fine established her Denver based company The FINE Art of Small Talk to teach all variety of C-Level, manager and stake holder, along with the spouse who is dragged along to banquets and meetings conversation skills for use at business networking events, conventions and meetings, trade shows, as well as when interacting with clients, customers and patients. Fine studied the art of conversation as diligently as she had once studied engineering.

A member of the National Speakers Association Fine receives high accolades from her clients, which include Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo Banks, Hinckley, Allen and Snyder LLP, Spectra Energy, The US Treasury Department, Toyota, the University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business, Lockheed Martin, Vermont Law School and hundreds of associations including insurance, real estate, legal, financial, engineering/technology, health care, and Chambers of Commerce and civic organizations across the country. Debra is also a member of Rotary International serving on the board of her club during her membership over the past 18+ years. In addition she is a past member of the Advisory Council of the University Of Colorado School Of Engineering, Mountain States Anti-Defamation League and the Communities Advisory Council of the Junior League.

Debra authored the best selling books “The Fine Art of Small Talk How to Start a Conversation,” “Keep it Going,” “Build Rapport and Leave a Positive Impression” and the most recent in the Fine Artseries: “The Fine Art of Big Talk: How to Win Clients, Deliver Great Presentations, and Solve Conflicts at Work.” Debra’s recent media appearances include The Today Show, CNN, The Early Show, and NPR Morning Edition.

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