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Join us for a session of the Marketplace Webinar Series: Taming the Email Beast

We live in a world with far too many inputs, distractions, and e-mails.  And too many professionals are struggling to keep up, feeling helpless as they lose control of their inbox.  In this program, Randy Dean, MBA, will teach you strategies for better managing your e-mail overload, including strategies for better prioritizing incoming e-mails, converting e-mails into calendar, task, and/or contact items, reducing e-mail distraction, and automating certain e-mail actions for better efficiency.  He'll also show a handy strategy for automating some of your outgoing e-mails, and even use that same strategy when using smart phones & tablets.  Attendees to this session walk out with tangible skills and techniques for gaining efficiency and productivity with e-mail, with specific technology demonstrations provided in the two market-leading software programs:  MS Outlook (now featuring Outlook 2013!) and Gmail, although users of just about any e-mail software tool will benefit!

At the end of this program, attendees will be able to:

Understand the nature of e-mail & information overload in today's workplace
Have a strategy for “splitting” work, personal, and junk/spam e-mails for greater efficiency
Use a very simple “rule” for managing all incoming e-mail that allows for both greater speed and prioritization of those messages and embedded tasks
Reduce the inherent distraction of e-mail and other inputs by following a smarter regimen and using on-board notifiers to manage critical/urgent messages and people
Learn how to convert e-mails quickly into tasks, contacts, and calendar items
Use embedded functions inside of your e-mail that allow you to “automate” certain common activities/messages
Build a personal file “infrastructure” that can assist in achieving greater organization and possibly even “e-mail ZERO”!


Randall Dean was a Marketplace 2017 Speaker. In case you missed his sessions at Marketplace or want to hear more from Randall, register for this Marketplace webinar.

Randall Dean, MBA, and author of the recent Amazon.com #1 E-mail Bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, has 25 years of experience using and teaching an advanced time management/personal organization system, including systems for effective e-mail management, office clutter reduction, optimizing your Outlook and/or Gmail/Google usage, and getting the most from affiliated smart phone and tablet devices. He has taught different versions of his time & e-mail management systems for many prominent organizations including Procter & Gamble, Michigan State University, University of California Berkeley, Westinghouse Electric Company, Volvo, The Global Business Travel Association, the Graduate Management Admissions Council, The University of Pittsburgh, Ohio State University, the Institute of Management Accountants, the National Association for Legal Career Professionals, the Michigan Association for Continuing Education & Training, and The Michigan, Indiana, Texas, and Iowa Societies of Association Executives for groups as small as five and as large as 550. See a partial listing of past clients/programs here.

His speaking and training programs are consistently some of the highest-rated programs for the many conferences and clients he speaks for, including major conferences, Fortune 500 organizations, top universities, governmental agencies, and leading nonprofits -- basically anyone struggling to better manage their time, e-mail, smart phone/tablet devices, Google productivity apps, and/or Microsoft Outlook. (And he makes these topics fun and engaging too!) Click here to see some testimonials on his past programs.

He has previously been interviewed by the Washington Times, Detroit News, The Globe and Mail, Business Week Online, and numerous other media outlets, including radio, television, newspaper, and blog sites. He is an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and Michigan Society of Association Executives.

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