Marketplace Webinar Series: Pinterest – A Fantastic Opportunity for Tourism Marketers

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Travel and tourism marketers are flocking to Pinterest. No wonder – Pinterest is the ultimate wish list and vacation planners are using it in the dream phase, the planning phase and the post vacation phase. In this session Susan Sweeney, Internet marketing expert and the author of eight Internet marketing books including: 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site and Social Media for Business will walk you through Pinterest - the opportunity, best practices as well as tips, tools, techniques and resources to maximize your Pinterest marketing. This session is a must for all travel industry professionals who want to determine if Pinterest is right for them, learn how to set Pinterest up properly and learn how to maximize the marketing opportunity provided by Pinterest.


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Susan Sweeney is a best-selling author, an internationally recgonized Internet marketing and e-business expert, a Certified Speaking Professional and a Hall of Fame inductee. As a professional Internet marketing speaker, Susan has delivered lively keynotes, workshops and Tourism Internet Marketing and Social Media Bootcamps to audiences on four continents. Susan "walks the talk" .. she has built a number of successful online businesses including eLearningU, an online learning portal for the travel and tourism industry with weekly webinars and more than 350 hours of recorded programming in the online vault.

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