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When is the last time you Googled yourself, your staff or your prospects? The truth is that each of us has a "Digital Footprint," and in today's hyper-networked, social media-powered, tech-driven world, we can no longer afford to ignore it. In fact, how we show up online... and how our staff does too... can either lift up the business brand or takes it down a notch. In this high-energy, interactive presentation Sima Dahl, America's Personal Branding Champion™ will share her proven framework for putting your best foot forward online, staying top of mind, and attracting more opportunity.


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Sima Dahl is a branding visionary who will revolutionize the way you think about generating demand. Her early career as an award-winning B2B corporate marketer paved the way for Sway Factor™, a groundbreaking approach to embracing personal brands as a means to boost sales, amplify employee retention, accelerate talent acquisition, and transform your staff into brand ambassadors.    Known for her ability to distill complex theory into practical application, Sima delivers a simple framework that moves even naysayers into action. With bold candor, unfiltered honesty and her signature charismatic style, she challenges audiences from Boston to Budapest to stand out, stay relevant and be in demand. Sima is a frequent ABA speaker and works with top brands including ADP, CDW, Harley Davidson, Orbitz, United Airlines, & Zebra Technologies.

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