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Join us for a session of the Marketplace Webinar Series: Mobile Love in the Fast Lane

When American customers spend, they're vigilant making sure they get the best value for their money. Customers research, compare, seek out recommendations, ask questions, and carefully consider their options.


Judd Wheeler was a Marketplace 2017 Speaker.  In case you missed his sessions at Marketplace or want to hear more from Judd, register for this Marketplace webinar.

Judd Wheeler draws on more than 20 years of digital marketing and consulting experience for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Over the past few years, Judd has produced the first mobile conference in Oklahoma, presented as the keynote speaker internationally and wrote “160 Characters of Less: How to Increase Customer Loyalty, Drive Sales and WIN with Text Message Marketing.” He recently joined 3C Interactive, a market leader in enabling mobile consumer engagement, igniting his imagination and converting innovative thought into reality.

While many speakers are celebrities and self-proclaimed experts, Judd brings years of hard knocks experience and delivers the only way he knows how: fast-paced, energetic and packed full of actionable mobile strategies. Adapting from technology to technology as the times change and the business winds shift, Judd captures lessons learned from each and applies it going into the next realm of human-technology interaction. He looks beyond the numbers and hype to find the true essence and how maximize customer engagement.

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