Marketplace Webinar Series | Building a Mobile Cross Channel Experience

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Improving the customer experience begins with understanding the new customer journey. While the journey is made up of three core components – buy, own and advocate – there are several steps to each. To make matters worse on marketers, customer don’t follow a linear path. In this presentation we will find out where mobile marketing fits in and implementing the “app plus” strategy. We’ll focus on getting customers, improving their experience and methods to bring them back.

Speaker Information | Judd Wheeler

Author and international speaker Judd Wheeler works for 3Cinteractive, whose focus is enabling mobile consumer engagement to extend connections between consumers and brands to increase loyalty, brand awareness and results. Judd has been consulting in digital marketing for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies for more than 20 years with a focus on mobile marketing for over 10. Transplanted from Oklahoma to South Florida, he now works with companies like Best Buy, Walgreens and IHG to drive connections and deepen the relationship with their customers.