Marketplace Webinar Series: Amplify Your Presentation Skills

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Being nervous makes you human; being polished makes you professional. Although you may never aspire to become a professional speaker, you will be a sales professional who must speak. The elements preventing you from looking and sounding at your best are correctable. The dynamics negatively impacting your sales confidence and delivery, are the components that are also holding back your professional progressions. Your intelligence, preparation, and even your competence, are all scrutinized by how well you can speak in public. Get the credit you deserve. Demonstrate your sales presentation excellence!


Vincent Ivan Phipps is owner of Communication VIP Training and Coaching.  The VIP represents the company’s core expertise, “Very Important People-skills”.  The VIP also represents his initials, Vincent Ivan Phipps.  Vincent is an international speaker and trainer.  He is author of, Speak Like a Pro!  He specializes in motivational speeches, training seminars, and individual coaching.  His areas of expertise include: Leadership, Communication, Motivation, Conflict Resolution, Customer Service, Sales and Speech Coaching. Vincent is the recipient of the highest earned honor given by the National Speakers Association.  The recognition is called, The CSP (Certified Speaking Professional).  Only 12% of the world's best speakers and trainers have ever earned this level of certification.

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