Marketplace OnDemand | May Marketplace Virtual Appointment Session

Marketplace Appointment Sessions

These appointment session weeks will replace the Marketplace onsite appointment slots. These appointment sessions are included in the registration fee for appointment-taking Buyers and Sellers.

Each Marketplace Appointment Session will consist of 3 days of 48 7-minute appointments. Appointment-taking Buyers will be able to select one of the two session weeks. Appointment-taking Sellers will be assigned 1 day of appointments in each of the two session weeks based on their organization’s primary membership category.

May 25-27, 2021

Tuesday, May 25: DMO/Receptive Operator/Charter Operator Appointments
Wednesday, May 26: Lodging/Attractions/Associate/Allied Appointments
Thursday, May 27: Lodging/Attractions/Associate/Allied Appointments

June 8-10, 2021

Tuesday, June 8: DMO/Receptive Operator/Charter Operator Appointments
Wednesday, June 9: Lodging/Attractions/Associate/Allied Appointments
Thursday, June 10: Lodging/Attractions/Associate/Allied Appointments

May 25-27 Marketplace Session

Appointment-taking Buyers
All appointment-taking Buyers are eligible to participate in this virtual appointment session.

Appointment-taking Sellers
All appointment-taking Sellers are eligible to participate in this virtual appointment session.

The following are key dates for each appointment session:
Requests Open | Tuesday, April 20 (Buyers & Eligible Sellers)
Requests Due | Tuesday, May 11 (Buyers & Eligible Sellers)
Schedules Sent | Tuesday, May 18
Appointment Days | Tuesday, May 25 - Thursday, May 27

Appointment Information

All Marketplace Appointment-taking Buyers are required to participate in 1 of 2 Marketplace appointment sessions to be eligible for rebate.

Marketplace Sellers | No guarantee of scheduled appointments.

More Information

Visit the OnDemand Business page for more information on eligibility and access.