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What do you want for your business?  For your life?  The most successful people don’t leave accomplishment to chance.  Learn simple steps achieve more in your business and your life.  Gerry O'Brion is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and marketing expert who helps companies thrive in good times and bad.


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As a keynote speaker, I work with companies who want to grow revenue in crowded industries during times of great change. I teach a simple, but powerful, framework of influence that gets customers to choose you vs. all the other options. I'm known for the Power of BECAUSE - the missing link that generates sales and launches companies out of the sea of sameness.     I spent years as marketing and strategy executive building brands at P&G such as Tide, Mr. Clean, Spic-n-Span and Crisco. Then I managed the Coors Light brand, was VP of Marketing for Quiznos, and most recently VP of Marketing for Red Robin.    My experience as an executive with billion dollar brands like P&G, Coors and Red Robin are the foundation from which I have created this framework of influence. Any company, of any size can be as effective as billion dollar brands, with a few key strategies.

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