Convention Center

Kentucky International Convention Center
January 25-29, 2019


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Harrassment Policy 

ABA Statement on Sexual Harassment: There is No Place for it at Marketplace

ABA is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for every individual at ABA’s Annual Meeting & Marketplace. We do not tolerate harassment of Marketplace attendees in any form. Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned and/or expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of ABA’s management. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it to an ABA staff member or to ABA’s leadership. Harassment hurts everyone, but we will work hard to ensure a pleasant environment for all. 

Historical Marketplace Information


ABA Annual Meeting & Marketplace: Charlotte

ABA Annual Meeting & Marketplace: Cleveland

Marketplace 2016: Louisville

Marketplace 2015: St. Louis

Marketplace 2014: Nashville

Marketplace 2013: Charlotte

Marketplace 2012: Grapevine

Marketplace 2011: Philadelphia

List of Marketplace Locations

1979: Orlando, FL

1980: Nashville, TN

1980: Baltimore, MD

1981: Montreal, QC

1982: Cincinnati, OH

1983: New Orleans, LA

1984: Salt Lake City, UT

1985: Kansas City, MO

1986: Nashville, TN

1987: Miami, FL

1988: Indianapolis, IN

1989: Orlando, FL

1990: Niagara Falls, NY

1991: Nashville, TN

1992: Detroit, MI

1993: Montreal, QC

1994: Fort Lauderdale, FL

1995: Pittsburgh, PA

1996: Portland, OR

1997: Nashville, TN

1998: Milwaukee, WI

1999: Birmingham, AL

2001: Baltimore, MD

2002: Kissimmee, FL

2003: Indianapolis, IN

2004: New York City, NY

2005: Chicago, IL

2006: Nashville, TN

2007: Grapevine, TX

2008: Virginia Beach, VA

2009: Charlotte, NC

2010: National Harbor, MD

2011: Philadelphia, PA

2012: Grapevine, TX

2013: Charlotte, NC

2014: Nashville, TN

2015: St. Louis, MO

2016: Louisville, KY

2017: Cleveland, OH
Jan. 14-17

2018: Charlotte, NC
Jan. 27-30

Additional Questions

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Sponsorships Jana Fields

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Speakers Vicki Osman 202-218-7230 or vosman@buses.org
Invoices Ashley Thomas 202-218-7244 or iqureshi@buses.org
ID/Password Izza Qureshi 202-218-7244 or iqureshi@buses.org
First-time Delegates Ali Brewer 202-218-7244 or iqureshi@buses.org
Exhibitors Jana Fields

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Email us at meetingsdept@buses.org