Marketplace 2019 Webinar Series: Why Customers Buy!

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There are four reasons customer buy from any tour and travel company...and if you think price is at the top, you are wrong. Join John as he navigates this quick and dynamic discussion to make sure you have the right reasons!


John Kennedy is a professional speaker, strategist and author who, for over two decades, has been building and delivering sales, service and success strategies to well over 300,000 audience members…one innovative idea at a time.      His speaking and consulting work has him in high demand among progressive global companies and associations in North America, Canada and the Caribbean. John’s long list of clients include The Baltimore Ravens, Marriott Hotels, Aramark, Butterfield & Vallis Bermuda, The American Bus Association, state tourism conferences for South Dakota, Indiana, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, as well as countless other service industries and associations throughout the world.     John has crafted a rock solid reputation by delivering the right results in an accelerated manner…he is “the catalyst” for change, growth and innovation and would love to share his experience with you.  Feel free to find John at MarketPlace to set up your own roadmap to success.      You can visit John on-line at to get a closer look at his topics, videos, and clients.

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