Marketplace 2019 Webinar Series: Trade Show Marketing Secrets
Sponsored by Women in Buses Council, Communications & Marketing Committee

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If there is one thing, we can agree on, trade shows are a great way of reaching your target customers fast. The only problem is how do you identify and qualify real buyers from tire kickers, time wasters and freebie seekers that roam the tradeshow floor. In this program, we will discuss a 3-step trade show marketing blueprint that will help you generate more qualified leads and convert more sales before, during and after the trade show event.


Johnny Campbell is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Founder of Rise-Up and Win International an organization that helps people turn their Personal Challenges into Breakthroughs & their Products and Services into Profits.     Johnny is the bestselling author of the audio series “The Power of Resiliency”, “The (7) People Who Can Help You Achieve Extraordinary Success in Life, and “The (7) Habits Holding You Back and What To Do About Them”. Johnny’s program “Becoming The Agent of Change and TEDx Talk called “Find Your Enemy and Win” are organizational favorites both in the US & Internationally.      Johnny is Past-President of the National Speaker Association for state of Illinois and is an Accredited Speaker a designation awarded by Toastmaster International and held by only (75) professional speakers in the world for excellence in public speaking. In earning this designation Johnny became only the 2nd African-American in the history to Toastmaster International to earn this designation.       Johnny gained his team management and sales expertise in the Insurance industry where he worked as a corporate sales trainer and participated in leading hundreds of people through multiple Corporate Downsizings and Mergers. Based on Johnny’s sales results, experiences and his ability to help organizations overcome their challenges and succeed in their businesses he is called: “The Transition Man”     Johnny’s ongoing mission is to help people overcome the enemies of their success, so they can have More Success, More Money and More Happiness in their life- Starting Today.

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