My Marketplace Passport/App

My Marketplace Passport

Registered Delegates: Click Here

This passport is a record of all of your individualized Marketplace registration information.

Contact Information
Event Information
Travel Information
Marketplace Website
Update Profiles
Upload Profile
Travel Information
Emergency and Dietary Information
Badge Preview
Invoice Information
e-Caucus Lists (DMOs Only)
Research Databases (available Sept. 21)
Volunteer Sign Up (available Sept. 21)
Request Appointment (available Sept . 28)
Add/Cancel List (available Sept. 29)
Appointment Schedule (available Jan. 17)

If any information that needs correction or updating, click on the red email address in the top center of the page or email

Problems logging in?

If you need help logging in, make sure you have the following:

Your email address or individual ID #.  Your delegate/representative ID is a dotted number for example (31412.5).  It can be found on your delegate confirmation e-mail.  Your company ID (the 5 digit number only) will not activate your Passport and may give you an error statement that states that your company is not registered.
Your individual password

* You cannot access Marketplace Passport with the Company ID # and Company Password

You will need Adobe Flash Player for Marketplace Passport to load properly - free download.  Also, please make sure that all pop-up blockers are turned off and you are using one of the latest versions of your internet browser.

If you do not know your ID # or password, email us at
If you are still unable to log in, email us at

ABA Marketplace App

Available Jan. 17, 2018

The Marketplace app will be available in the app stores for Apple and Droid. Check out these exciting features!

Interactive Floor Map
Attendee Lists with Company Profiles
Expanded Search Functions
Personalized Appointment Schedule
Appointment Change and Cancellation Options
Delegate to Delegate Messaging
Personalized Hot Lead List
Note-taking Capabilities
Event, Transportation, Education and STAR Delegate Schedules
Delegate Additions and Cancellations
Sponsor Listing/Sponsor Ad Space