2018 Appointment Statistics

More than 142,000 appointment slots
Seller Delegates: Average of 29 appointments per delegate

  • DMO Delegates: 28 appointments
  • Lodging Delegates: 31 appointments
  • Attraction Delegates: 30 Appointments
  • Receptive Operators: 26 Appointments
  • Allied Associations: 26 Appointments
  • Charter Operators: 22 Appointments
  • Associate Delegates: 20 Appointments

89% of Mutual Appointments were Scheduled

Tip Sheets

Tips on Appointment Schedules

Tips on ABA's Appointment Process

Tips on Research Databases

Tips on Appointment Requests

Important Dates and Deadlines for Appointments

Sept. 21: Research Databases Opened
Sept. 28: Appointment Requests Open at Noon ET
Jan. 5: Appointment Request Deadline at 11:59 PM ET *EXTENDED DEADLINE: WED. JAN. 10 AT 11:59 PM ET*
Jan. 17: Appointment Schedules Available in Passport at Noon ET
Jan. 17-30: Manual Scheduling Available
Jan. 28-30: Business Floor Open for Appointments and accessible to All Appointment-Takers, Rotation and Business Floor Delegates

Face-to-Face Appointments

ABA offers seven-minute pre-scheduled appointments, where motorcoach and tour operator Buyers obtain information and create business relationships with travel industry Sellers. These one-to-one appointments are the core of ABA's Annual Meeting & Marketplace week.

Operator Buyer appointment-taking delegates are seated at individual booths for the entire week on the Business Floor and have appointments on all day Sunday, all day Monday, and all day Tuesday. There are 162 appointment slots available in the Buyer appointment schedule.

Travel industry Seller delegates do not have booths, but walk the floor and move from Buyer to Buyer for their appointments. There are 54 appointment slots available in the Seller appointment schedule. The Seller session is based on the company’s membership code and is scheduled as follows:

Appointment Sessions

(54 Appointment Slots per Session)

  DMOs Hoteliers* Attractions* Receptive Operators Charter Operators Associates* Allied Associations
Sun AM/PM      
Mon AM / Tues PM      
Mon PM / Tues AM      
*These registration types will be assigned one fo the two sessions based on availability.

Business Floor

(Appointment Takers, Business Floor and Rotation Delegates Only)

  Buyer DMOs Hoteliers Attractions Receptive Operators Charter Operators Associates Allied Associations


The Research Databases opens on Sept. 21 at Noon ET. Make certain your company's on-line membership profile is up to date to ensure the best research results.

Appointment Requests

Appointment Requests opens on September 28 at Noon ET and are due by January 5, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET *EXTENDED DEADLINE: WED. JAN. 10 AT 11:59 PM ET*.  You are encouraged to alter your requests as often as you would like during this time. 

Appointment Requests By The Number

Different member categories are scheduled for appointments during the same sessions, but appointment requests are processed separately to ensure an even distribution of appointments among DMOs, Hoteliers, Attractions, Receptive Operators/Tour Planners, Charter Operators, Associate and Allied Associations. There is a maximum of 54 appointments scheduled but delegates are able to request additional companies to increase the probability of appointments being scheduled.

(Appointment Takers Only)

DMO/Receptives/Charter Requests Hoteliers Requests Attractions/Associates/Allied Associations Requests Total Requests
75 75 75 225
DMOs Appointment Takers Make 65 Buyer Requests
Hotelier Appointment Takers Make 65 Buyer Requests
Attraction Appointment Takers Make 65 Buyer Requests
Receptive Appointment Takers Make 65 Buyer Requests
Charter Appointment Takers Make 65 Buyer Requests
Associate Appointment Takers Make 65 Buyer Requests
Allied Associations Appointment Takers Make 65 Buyer Requests

Understanding the ABA Scheduling Process

Appointment codes are assigned to you on the day you register, and appointments are prioritized and scheduled in order of your appointment code. Appointments are not prioritized based on the date your appointment requests are made. Appointments are scheduled based on your company registration date, priority of request and type of request.

ABA’s appointment scheduling program schedules nearly 90% of mutually requested appointments (meaning both the Buyer and Seller requested to meet with each other in their top priority of requests), and 90% of the Buyer requested appointments. Requesting the maximum appointments allowed increases your chances of getting those mutual requests.


  • Mutual: Appointment generated from a Mutual request (Both Buyer & Seller requested each other)
  • Buyer: Buyer requested appointment
  • Seller: Seller Register Type (i.e. Lodging, DMO, Attraction, Rec Op) requested appointment

Appointment Schedules

Marketplace appointment schedules will be available on January 17, 2018 at Noon ET. Manual scheduling will be available from January 17-30, 2018.

Research Databases

The Marketplace Research Databases (Membership Survey) are a real-time searchable database to showcase your company's profile during the appointment process.  The research databases will open on Sept. 21.  Once registered, you are able to make changes and update your company's research database profile through your My Marketplace Passport.

Online Profile Sheets

All members can now upload your profile sheet as a PDF or Word document.  This will enable other members conducting research through the Passport or My ABA/My Member Search to view your company's branded information in a printable format.

To Upload Your Profile in Your Passport or in My ABA

Click on the Upload Profile Doc tab at the top of the page.
Browse for your profile sheet in Word or PDF format.
Click on Upload

You are able to change your profile sheet as often as you would like by deleting your current printable profile and uploading a new one.

Sample Profile Sheets

Business Floor Information

  • Profile sheets and business cards are the only collateral permitted on the Business Floor.
  • Presentation Materials: No displays, banners, pictures, booth decorations or giveaways of any kind will be permitted without written consent from ABA. Acceptable presentations may include presentation notebooks, profile sheets, a limited number of brochures, self-contained laptop computers or videos with headsets.
  • Costumes and/or uniforms are not permitted anywhere on the Marketplace floor. Jeans are not permitted on the Business Floor.

Onsite Profile Sheet

Your On-site Profile Sheet is your calling card at ABA.  Profile sheets and business cards are the only collateral allowed on the Business Floor for distribution during appointments.

Profile Sheet Guidelines

  • Should be one page, copied front and back on 8½” x 11” paper.
  • Should have a 1” left-hand margin and be three-hole punched.
  • Should be duplicated and readied for distribution before your appointment session.
  • Should include complete address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail, web address and contact name.
  • Feature characteristics of product/location in bullet-point format.
  • Use a font and type size that is easy to read and follow.
  • Include maps if applicable. Provide a list of “bus friendly” services that are offered.
  • Discuss “what’s new” in your location or company.
  • List peak seasons of operations.
  • Give a detailed description of products and services.
  • Include group policies, incentive booking programs, etc.

In Addition

You are not required to provide Profile Sheets.
All appointment-taking and Business Floor delegates may distribute Profile Sheets on the Business Floor.
Forms should not be mailed in advance to Buyers. As you are preparing for time out of the office, appointment sessions, and making final arrangements for the handling of groups in your absence, so too are the Motorcoach and Tour operators. Please be as courteous in your preparation for the appointments as you are during the appointments.