Marketplace - First-Time STAR Delegates

As a first-time Marketplace delegate, you are about to experience an educational and professionally rewarding week.

Fasten your seat belts for a week filled with unsurpassed business opportunities, informative educational seminars, exciting social events, and an overall experience that will change forever the way you view the tour and travel industry personally, professionally and as a representative of your company.

Marketplace 2016 Orientation Committee

Before You Get to Marketplace

Update Your Registration

Your Marketplace Passport is a record of all of your individualized registration information. Make certain that your information is up-to-date and that you’re marked as a first-time delegate.

Attend a Pre-Conference Webinar

Join our free webinars to learn more about Marketplace and how to have the best experience possible.

October 14 Webinar Recording: Click Here

December 16 Webinar Recording:  Click Here

Read this Packet

The Marketplace Delegate packet is designed to answer your questions regarding Marketplace 2016. It includes tips and a helpful industry glossary.

Prepare a Profile Sheet

Profile sheets and business cards are the only collateral allowed on the Business Floor during appointments. Consider these samples of what’s acceptable.

Review Buyer/Seller Checklists

Prepare for Marketplace by reviewing the items on these lists.

Read STAR Tales

First-time delegates will receive 3 STAR Tale e-newsletters before Marketplace, with information about appointments, profile sheets and checklists.

STAR Calls

Each STAR delegate will receive a phone call or email from a member of the Orientation Center Subcommittee. This is your opportunity to ask questions, gather information, and make a connection before you get to Marketplace.

Insider Information - Terms, Acronyms and Other Necessities

Many industries have their own language, which can make it difficult for the novice to communicate, let alone understand. If you’re in a sales position, efficient communication is the key to your success. Stars need to learn and understand the key terms and sensitivities in your business world, and you’ll increase your performance potential.

At Marketplace

Orientation Center Ambassador Sessions:

The Orientation Center offers personalized counseling sessions performed by subcommittee members and/or Marketplace volunteers. In a friendly member-to-member format, new attendees learn about Marketplace practices, Marketplace procedures, expectations and activities from industry veterans.

Orientation Center Floor Tours:

STAR delegates also have the opportunity to tour the Marketplace floor before their appointment session and to broaden their ABA and industry insight in specially designed STAR workshops. Throughout the week, subcommittee members also serve as Marketplace mentors aiding and guiding STAR delegates.

Q&A Workshop


These must-attend sessions for first-time STAR delegates, engage both suppliers and operators in spirited discussions and sharing of tips to help prepare you for an exciting and valuable Marketplace week. Under the leadership of Orientation Subcommittee, these sessions are guaranteed to be both entertaining and educational. No sign-up is required, so don’t miss this dynamic session!

Friday, Jan. 9
3 p.m.
4 p.m.
5 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 10
10 a.m.
2 p.m.
4 p.m.

Sunday, Jan. 11
3 p.m.

Post- Marketplace

You will receive a final newsletter with tips regarding Marketplace follow up and how to make the most of your investment at Marketplace.