How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand

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If you aren’t building your personal brand on LinkedIn, you are losing out on significant opportunities to grow your business. There are 61 million “Senior-Level Influencers” on LinkedIn. These aren’t the kind of “influencers” you’ll find on Instagram or YouTube. These are high-level corporate decision-makers that impact the direction of their organizations.    How would you benefit from connecting with more senior-level influencers from your target list of dream clients or customers?    How to increase your access to senior-level influencers by growing your personal brand on LinkedIn.  Why a personal brand is important no matter what industry you’re in.  The three types of content proven to grow your following and build your personal branding on LinkedIn.


Julian Placino

Julian Placino is a Fortune 500 Speaker who’s spoken hundreds of times at various corporations, conferences, universities, and non-profits including Staples, Whole Foods, StaffOne, Kaye/Bassman International, DisruptHR, TalentNet, DallasHR, SMU, UNT, UTD, SkillQUEST and Social Venture Partners.    As the host of the Pathways to Success Podcast, Julian interviews exceptional leaders about their journeys to success. He’s produced over 150 episodes, generated more than 65,000 downloads, achieved a 5 star rating on iTunes, amassed a regular listening audience from 12 countries and interviewed company founders, CEOs, New York Times bestselling authors, TEDx speakers, celebrity athletes, and prolific entrepreneurs. Julian has also attracted sponsorships from various brands including Compete Every Day, and Focusrite, the #1 selling USB audio interface in the world.

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